I woke up today fully expecting a grey sky or do you say gray.  I don’t know why, the weather man said it would be sunny.  I think after 4 or 5 days you just expect it.  But, alas, I need to stay focused and write.  I have decided that while I like the workbook style book I have written it may be more marketable if I create a self-contained book that one could read and if they desired they could get the workbook.   Something along the lines of a Purpose Driven Life.

It is amazing to me that if I just sit and start from the beginning the words just flow.  But, today I sit here a bit paralyzed because I’m not sure what the next words will be.  The sun it out – I want to go outside.  My pug is barking at me right now because he would like to go outside AGAIN.  Nevermind that it’s a pain to keep getting up to let him in an out – he doesn’t care and he will pee on my fireplace if necessary.

Ok, enough stalling – time to write today.


I just finished reading a non-fiction book written by Susan Richards.  It was a moving story about a rescue horse and all that the experience and the horse had taught her about herself.  This led me to her memoir which spoke more about how she ended up becoming a published author.  Somewhere between the chapters I had a light bulb moment and began writing about past experiences with horses that I have had. 

I carefully worked these short stories and made sure they were humorous and hopefully open to the general audience of readers rather than just the equestrian world.  So now what do I do.  I started out my writing journey on a bible study designed to appeal to riders.  Then I thought that I would bridge the chapters with anecdotal stories and now I feel as though I have a mess of ideas and no way to link it all together.

I started catching up on writers articles full of tips and ideas and my head is now full of information.  I need a platform.  I need to be an expert in my field.  I need to have public speaking engagements, go to writing classes and writers conferences.  I need, I need, I need.  It’s all so much information overload and I feel as though I have been thrown into a choppy lake and told to swim to shore.  Notice I didn’t state an ocean – I’m not ready to say I’m that overwhelmed, but a large, windy and murky lake about does it.

I started out this journey because I felt God asking me to.  I don’t doubt that request has changed.  I doubt myself.  I can’t see the finish line.  Maybe there really isn’t one.   Do you just keep typing words?

It’s Monday morning. I have awoke with my usual migraine and I am slow to get it going today. However, what an incredible weekend, coming off the Easter holiday.  Last week I really immersed myself in Good Friday. I don’t usually like to go to uncomfortable places, who does?  But I went there and it made the celebration of Easter sunday that much sweeter.

So today I wake up and it feels like a new season. Our weather here in the midwest is breaking. It will be another lovely day. We had a good ole thunderstorm last night and the sun just broke out this morning.  I’m leaving in an hour to visit my neurologist for my 3 month evaluation of meds.  Today though I will go in with a new attitude of let’s try more. I am so tired of hurting.  I have a new outlook on what I perceive to be a slow healing process for my back.  I will have joy in this hardship and will look for the good things it affords me and focus on just getting better.

I will also, slowly, renew my relationship on the ground and on the back of my sweet mare, Penny.  My trainer fell off her horse during a jump.  She is 10 years my senior and she is really hurting. I feel for her so I will be on my own for a while. But that is ok. I feel as though I need this time to ease into the “new season” and she needs the time to heal.

So I will literally have to pull myself up by the boot straps (it’s pretty muddy) and just move forward.

Happy Spring

We went out to the barn yesterday because I believe it’s against international equestrian rules of the universe to not spend time with your horse when it is not only dry out, but in the mid 60’s.  Once again, tired and hurting from doing too much, I needed assistance retrieving Penny.  As McKenna and I approached her paddock she saw me and came running.  I was so excited as this is the second time.   Maybe she really is glad to see me.  More likely though, the fact that is was 90 minutes before they are normally brought in for hay was probably the reason, but hey, I will take what I can get.

Today I am reflecting on the fact that in the christian world this is holy week.  Historically important events took place.  I wondered what would have happened today in that particular week and upon searching for this information found out that this would have been the day that Judas made the deal with the priests to turn in Jesus.  This kind of gets glossed over in the retelling, as the story usually goes much quicker.  We are all aware that he is called out at the last supper and slips away to retrieve his 30 coins and then racked with guilt commits suicide.  But he had at least a full 24 hours if not longer to think about what he had set in motion. 

This makes me wonder what he told himself to justify his actions.  What sort of deal with the devil have I made in my life and justified in order to feel better.  I’m reading Ephesians now.  Just one paragraph at a time so as not to miss anything.  I’m being challenged to live a life in the light and to be a light.  My last reading was pointing out that I should turn away from immorality.  I don’t think of myself as an immoral person.  After all, I’m a mother of 4 – how immoral can I be. 

So, I broke it down to moments.  The choice of song I listen to on the radio; have I really listened to the lyrics? Would I sing those if Jesus was sitting next to me?  My language, especially when something goes wrong; like when I clipped the curb turning the corner and it sounded as if I tore my bumper off.  What about judgemental thoughts about those who crossed my path each day?  The reality is I am immoral.  I am not always a light and certainly have many areas of my life that need to be exposed by confessing them and asking for whatever it is I need in that moment so that I’m not a sell out like Judas.

Its been 6 weeks since the surgery and 7 since I have seen my horse Penny.  She and I are new together so I didnt expect for her to come running.  I took McKenna out to the barn to work with Sheeza.  I was tired and hurting so I decided taking Penny out would mean I would pay for it for the next few days.  However, when we were leaving we drove right past her fence line. I pulled over and went to the fence. She came right to me.  I know that there is a good possibility she was just curious, but I like to think she missed me.

Her herd mates Coco, the alpha – Rooster, my first love and his mom Copper also showed great enthusiasm for our presence.  Coco was especially glad to see us.  I believe she thinks she is a labrador.  She rubs her head all over whoever comes into her space and yesterday kept pressing her soft muzzle on my face.  I trust her, which is probably a mistake – but it would be like turning away the affection from a toddler.  Roo was his typical butt head self.  He was pushy and wanted to make sure if there were treats he was going to get his first.  Penny kept coming to me, but shied away from physical affection.  It’s not really her thing.  Kind of makes me sad. I prefer the personality of Coco but I know that Penny and I just need some time.  She really is a sweet little mare who is just not confidant.

This week is spring break and God willing I will be out there often; forging a relationship with Penny and drawing her shyness out.  Let the spring season begin !

The pastor at church last sunday was citing a statistic that 6 out of 10 americans do not know what Easter is about.  Now, while I think they have a vague idea, I can’t believe they have no idea.; but maybe.  Maybe the people around me all know, therefore,  I don’t see an accurate picture of “america”.

Last Easter season I was in the midst of writing this bible study and my reason for doing it was further impressed upon me one gorgeous sunday afternoon.  I was talking with 2 riders on the grounds of the barn we lease from.  We were all reveling in the beautiful weather and the subject of what would be doing for the Easter holiday came up.  One of the riders said “I guess I have to go to church with my fiancée because that’s what his family does”.  The older gentlemen talking with us responded “not me, I don’t need to be in a building to go to church, this is my church”.

Two responses – both common, I have heard them before.   I was struck by how sad they made me feel.  One having no desire to honor God in the most important religious commemoration we may have and the other somewhere in his life felt that he had no need for “church”.  It could be for a very good reason for both of them.  Sometimes church people don’t reflect who God is in a way that invites others to want to know Him.

What are your thoughts on Easter? Do you know what this holiday is celebrating?  Do you have a similar opinion as those expressed by my barn mates?

Welcome to my blog. I’m new to this and highly frustrated. I like to skim over instructions or articles take the info and go.  But this is stretching my brain.  I actually have to read every word of instruction and try to figure this out. 

Anyway, welcome.  I was training this horse or maybe he was training me all last year.  Somewhere in all of that I thought I would really like to do a bible study with all the people I was meeting at this very social barn. Something I noticed in “horse world” was that a lot of people believe in something but don’t seem to have the time to fit God into the day.  I wanted to encourage them that you can fit God into everyday ordinary moments.  I set out to find a bible study that would appeal to the horse lover and found none. So, I wrote one.  I was amazed at the parallels of my horses reactions and behaviours towards me and that of the way we respond to God.

My purpose for this blog is to open up the lines of communication with people and hear about their thoughts and feelings about this. Sometimes I will post excerpts from the book or just see where the conversation goes. 

Suggestions are welcomed! Needed! Wanted! for this blog as I stated before, Im clueless on what to do!! Thanks ! Sandy